We Are Veterans Helping Veterans:

This is where most companies put BS lines about how they support our troops and how they care about you….blah blah, we want your money, blah blah. You won’t be getting that crap from us because Helping Heroes PCS is a nation wide network of Veterans that actually give a shit about you. We are sick and tired of all the companies out there taking advantage of our family! We are here to put an end to the days where Veterans are exploited for someone’s personal financial gains.

We start by setting you up with a Veteran real estate agent in your area or the area you’re moving too. These agents have been handpicked and heavily vetted. This ensures they are top agents in their market and that they share the same values that we do. We do this so you can get the help you need from a Veteran you can trust.

We know what it’s like to PCS to a new area you know nothing about, to be deployed while your spouse is left to do all of the legwork of finding your new home and selling the old one, to be newlyweds trying to find your first home together without a clue of where to start, and we even know what it’s like trying to find a place to live while transitioning out of the military and dealing with the stress of reinventing yourself. We know because we have been in your shoes and we have lived the struggle.

If there’s one thing we can promise, it’s that you will never wonder if we truly care about you and your family. We are here to fight for you and to take the burdens of moving completely off your shoulders. We do everything in our power to make this process easy and fun.

The bottom line is we are here to support you. We want to help you any way we can because you are a part of our tribe and we believe in sticking together. So just remember, you don’t have to go through the struggle alone, we’ve got your six.

Helping Heroes Save Program

Helping Heroes Save is a program that we started because we were sick and tired of seeing our local Heroes being taken advantage of by big companies that promised to save them money and then under-delivered. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can help our Military, Veterans and First Responders save a substantial amount of money when they buy or sell a home. Our Veteran Realtors will not only help you save money but will help you through the entire buying and selling process.

We are also 100% transparent about every detail of our real estate savings program and our company so here is how it works:


When you buy a house our Veteran Realtor will give you 10% of their commission towards your closing costs.
*This will vary from state to state because of your local laws. If our Veterans can’t legally give money towards your closing costs then they will instead donate that money to a Veteran charity*


When you sell your house our Veteran Realtors will give you a 10% discount off of the commission fee.


The participating vendors in your area (attorneys, title companies, lenders, home inspectors, etc.) will also help you save money by offering things like a free appraisal, free title search, and many other discounts.
*This is only applicable in the areas that we currently have participating vendors and will vary from state to state based on your local laws*

It’s that simple!

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